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Patihombo dreams 3 ...Sunset and sunrise on the green grass

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

some children in the village, in patihombo
Sitting in a place which is located at the upper secondary sanjaya junior high school
They are people who enjoy an atmosphere like no-load
When in fact always haunts the heavy burden
The future is bleak
not understand the direction
But by looking at the sky and tell
We can feel calm
We always talked a lot and joking
We always brag and it makes us happy
It was as if a person who has been useful to the world
Yeah, we're dreaming
Lots of the dream on the mountain
There was no slightest confidence in our dreams that
All are only hope that we will try
Then at sunset we will really enjoy it
We will see it and want to always see it
and I know at this patihombo
still there are many more dreams unused
at least there is what I get from all this
I know beautiful places in patihombo
“kasur ijo”hillside, above the church, green house
gilingan mountain
and all the way home from church
a beautiful sunset to give an aura of hope for our dreams
I know outside this patihombo, life is more cruel
harder and evil
so I do not want to leave the village
if I go from this patihombo
maybe I'll just do something and come back here
because before I completely useless
I have to make something very useful for world first
I know the dream world is to become like heaven
that is a peaceful place, and beautiful
then I will have to donate my positive energy to achieve
all this
through whatever it is
Lord make my life useful
I know little hearts of people also crave it

Beautiful dream tonight
I have a fairy tale before bedtime for you guys
,,, Living in a small village not far from the city
Have a beautiful and faithful wife
Have two children a sweet tooth that is not naughty
There is a piano and painting in the living room
And many prayers in those days, amen
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....
But in other parts of patihombo
there is a child who was standing in one place
could not sleep till morning
watching the sun rise and and depression once
“my debt ...much”, how can this
This makes me dizzy can not sleep
I have a conclusion
if tomorrow's debt has been paid my debt
I would be careful to use the money
and avoid debt
but at least this debt problem could take my mind of a person

with the power of the sunrise this morning
I will spend the day with the correct
doing positive things and stay cheerful
I was a small dreams collide with reality
which must achieve that dream with open eyes
I understand ....
dream come true
That's the perfect dream

dictionary of patihombo
* gunung gilingan is the name of a place in patihombo
Located in the western hemisphere patihombo, altitude of approximately 700-800 meters above sea level, from there can direct sea view south, see the top trim, Merbabu, gunung sumbing, Sindoro and some mountains which I do not know its name, this place is probably a myth used to be a place of prayer for the people first because at the top of mountain found statues, but to avoid theft of the statue was reportedly in secure dimuseum,
* Sanjaya: junior high school in patihombo
* kasur ijo mount: the place that lies on top of sanjaya
* Patihombo: a village in Yogyakarta, the area Girimulyo, Kulon Progo

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