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Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Friday, March 4, 2011

People began to open my eyes, it was still so cold
Most also have six, the village was almost entirely already started their activities
Daily living, although I also natives there
But I also still can not understand the way their minds, I think maybe that is “they are trying to live a true, simple, with few dreams, but, you know .. I think they're the real people .. who live in social harmony , peace and living in God's teachings.
Some of them or persons domiciled here, is really using his position to serve his people, as far as I know until recently (2011) patihombo village is the village that will write his name with a proud heart, why? Because I have a place calm, because I have a quiet night, as my morning wake up still welcome the birds singing, this is where the resorts to find inner “damai”.if you meet some people here, you will see them struggle in the eyes of elegant on their past, that face patihombo I could read.
And I also often see it in the eyes of my parents .. in the eyes of the people I met on the street, although there are some people who look in his eyes dark, but at least most people here are real people who deserve to be my inspiration,
beat day full burden them with fixed, things like that which I thought was remarkable and very unusual.
Most of them are farmers and goat breeders, they are farmers who can not rely on their farms to survive, weird right? But they can still live it.
Here, some people who have a regular income can be a bit quiet about it,
For example, who have become servants, and smart people to trade, then, their breeding success, and some people who have a steady job as city... hold that the smaller how? Yes, they were the most difficult, but at least there is still much in doing, to lift workers, bricklayers, and other odd jobs .. "but they were protected by God" that's the law .. and they see themselves believe they get the fruits of that belief, the evidence they still survive and still be laughing when gathered together. . young people mainly go abroad to seek a better life than that, from their seacoast successful proponent will be a fund for people here, but are not successful they also stay away because this patihombo this, for them ..... I'm sure will become a more independent village when most people are still real people as true now.real people are people who do something with iklas and always listen to “hati nurani”/ conscience .if patihombo like a man, I could feel his dreams.. ...become a peaceful place, even if someday I'm sure my village there is disagreement on this one will be exceeded by the way, I prayed that the spirit and true feelings can be spread to surrounding areas, to the world, and throughout the world of dreams .. patihombo 1, advanced to second patihombo dreams

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