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Patihombo dreams 4

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Saturday, April 9, 2011

I do not pray but only just daydreaming
Inside the cave is lonely does mace
Feeling the dream that feels away
Beautiful dream that once I put myself
Dreams that once I gave this title dreams patihombo
My faith began to erode due to the fact collide
Should be aware of how expensive a dream that should be free
Proud that my beloved Patihombo somewhat unfriendly
Patihombo if you man I want to talk to you
You're aware of but do not understand
As you already know you do not care
And actually one that I blame this environment
Because I still believe in the future and our dream of creating their own
It's just that I feel shortness of
What kind of pressure that I never imagined
All I was thinking like it's useless
This is the end of everything
Feeling the dream become merely a dream
Feeling the love only love
Waiting with no hope of any
The dreamy night
And I know one way my mind tonight
Day became vacant once
Seeing it all there's no purpose whatsoever
I tell you
Divide loneliness and memories
Dusty dream not be bought
Menunuggu end of all this

It impossible to bear this alone

And this is what I should do
Convinced that all may simply not yet time
And make something like this in my soul Steel Crystals
That is called a confidence steel Crystals
How to make it is to discipline yourself
Perhaps it should have little compulsion to myself
Right or wrong I had done the fact that judge
My position now does not mean
And that the foolish
I have to go from this place
Looking for more capital to work
Buy what I needed facility
The time continues to run do not have to think about
Any work during the make enough money and kosher
Will do
Anything as heavy as long as I can
rounded the determination to go through and learn all this
How to be the best
Will continue looking for without rules and without limit without pantanga
The first thing I did was ... to Borneo first
Run away from reality, that does not mean losing run

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