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face painting with pencil

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

face painting with a pencil, although I am still an amateur in this but I want to share that I got from one of the hobby "melow" ie my painting with a pencil, painting above is one of my work, which although not yet refined and detailed but I've besok2 hopefully happy and proud to be even better,
is not one hundred percent but it was similar to the role of art in this,,, Artz was "beautiful" hhe
The way this is painting with a pencil:

(More precisely the way I did .. hhe)
1. is to compare, after making the long exercises will get used
comparing the samples to be drawn with the image created
2. no doubt, because when we are too old to think and not immediately inscribe the shadows we will soon disappear, so spontaneous .. .. about a minute straight streak
3.The outline drawings so immediately paint it with black color, so that immediately shaped rather obvious
4. compare again
... do this: close your eyes for a moment and see the photos that will be painted, then close your eyes again, then see our painting .. when it will be seen a striking difference (when viewing photos cover image that we created)
5. enjoy, and give this suggestion is a beautiful fairy tale country
, if confused .. go out and look at the sky to refresh our eyes and go back to the house of ato to where we paint and start painting again, ok ...
Tutorial photo face painting using pencil
Creating images with a pencil or other terms of painting with a pencil, following step by step of making one of my paintings

Pictured above is a photo which I will make a painting
Okay first stage of sketching, making roughly, here as much as possible as fast as most do not need to compare at this stage
,,approximately a minute continue streak ..
,, about a few continued to streak ..
,, about a minute continue to streak ..
,, about a few continue streak..

Yes yes right, the first in the picture is EYE
Simple, there are pictures of banana black middle

Well that right and then proceed to draw the nose ...

Then his lips, tips on painting is calm, enjoy, but "just straight streak"
Everything for me is to compare ..

. this further ..

now draw the hair, but the new black coloring used to make approximately, I use a powder pencil, continue wiped with cotton ..

Then tidy up here and there ... like, oh this is less of this, well I think it's too small, blah-blah-blah .. that's about existing in the brain .. haha

Here ... a pencil and a tool that I use

. haha broken pencil, a small black it is eraser that I cut into pieces, meant to be easy to remove the places we want

Ok go on ...

... we smoothed the others, because the important things that have passed .. It has been nearly so

.. anyway if you want to draw to be patient, do not make excuses .. let alone a matter of talent, if there is talent in itself, although a little is enough, do not need really smart to produce a painting, is a saying
One percent talent 99 percent hard work,

nearly so
well enough
I think the painting do not demand similar to one hundred percent, that is where the art of role ..Hhe.. may be useful for you,

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