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just use a pencil and eraser .. enough

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Wednesday, October 26, 2011


painting with a pencil is a fairly cheap hobby but positive
. painting pencil could be a masterpiece that is not good if less luxurious, but some people think that painting with a pencil must be using a variety of pencils and complicated .. no, because it uses a kind of pencil alone could produce such a painting that uses a lot of pencils, with a little practice you can do it ..,it is about thick and thin. of white, gray and black painting examples below are just using a and eraser and pencil 8b..

8b pencil I think is very strategic because it can make a jet black color but can also create a smooth color using the feel .. with feeling ..... hehe,, just 8b and eraser ... paper ... greattt simple but
... we can create beautiful work

enjoy, and give suggestions .. this is a beautiful fairy tale country
, if confused .. go out and look at the sky to refresh our eyes and go back home or to a place where we paint and start painting again

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