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Painting WITH Faber Castel pencils and stedler

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Monday, November 21, 2011

Painting WITH Faber Castel pencils and stedler
Normally I always use the Faber Castel course but yesterday I ran out and I had to use a pencil stedler new .. and I know it stedler it can produce a very jet-black .. see the difference ... is as 8b (whose color is black pencil ARE stedler)

..but when I want to remove it because one can not leave a mark .. still .. so dirty .. ugly .. but I have not given up .. I think stedler suitable really only for the black .. ... use caution until stedler 8b 6b alone .. it's been like rather than a standard pencil but as has already been to some colored pencils that can not be removed carefully .. yes ..in fact if proper use and Faber Castel stedler combination can produce a broader picture .... The following which I will share about these two pencils is hopefully friends can integrate your own if you want to use both of them (my suggestion to use a pencil but it actually simple hahaha for the different results that we should be open to new things )
Faber castel :
The surplus ... smooth, stable, can be removed, clean, perfect to start drawing, make a smooth shading, blind skin, an important part .. the eyes, teeth, face, lips, etc. because in this section requires that neat..
The downside: the loss of black with stedler
Those advantages: can make jet black, fit the parts that want affirmed
The downside: can not be deleted net 5b primarily upward, dirty
Ohkay This picture I made step by step with two pencils which I'd say

UPLOAD THE WRONG sorry hahahaa .. refreshing ..  ... continue

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