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art makes us "have a heart"

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Monday, April 28, 2014

see people around me I feel there is something less, life is so stiff, the routines and rules that bind, and it was boring and lackluster. In this article I am going to devote a bit of my thoughts about "giving extra color in life", art .. this is getting forgotten in my village, they too realistic .. it is true that the most important thing is the real thing, but
based on the fact the The people who are too realistic nor good, sometimes they forget important things, ie feeling, do so .. they forget that life is only glued to the routines and obligations of the earth might not have big dreams about the heart, because they are only affordable with regard the things that are "obligations of life" .. oh God .. but all that can change .. I have opinions, thoughts and mindset they may actually be more beautiful with things that are art because I think our minds by learning the art of becoming More broadly, full of creative ideas and inspiration that are not thought of before .. and with our art will be familiar with the basic heart because art is the feeling, try to distinguish the people who love art and people who love art ... in an appeal that says hate art, who appreciate art more elastic and liberal-minded in relation to the brain ..
by ryan Gondokusumo (founder sribu.com) The human brain is divided into two parts. The difference was also significant. In addition to the one located on the left and the other right, the difference also lies
in the function does. The left brain conscious thought, reasoning through logic, analyzing and regulating emotions. While the right brain thinking unconsciously, associated with creativity. In the design can be said to be right-brain visual reference overall look, like what the scenery? . While the left hemisphere see the details first, what is there to conclude the artwork.
For those who berdominan right brain is more dependent on visual reference for understanding and often visual learning . They are more emotional and able to understand and reflect on their feelings . Then , they are also very intuitive and has a very high curiosity . But the downside, people who berdominan right brain tend to be irregular and lacking in memanajemenkan their time .

While people are very organized berdominan left brain . They love deadlines . They are also people who would rather listen than read something and rely more words to remember than visual aids . But the downside, because they are the people who detailed step-by - step as well as
algorithmic way , they are very prone to errors .- See more at : blog sribu.com
nah .. obviously right , the relationship of art with feeling .. from now on let us study the arts to refresh our minds , because you might include "those who forget the art because it is too late with the routine "
one of the interesting opinion that rara danajaya taken from yahoo answer
"maybe not that comfortable meeting wrote in his heart (which contains the art itself)
or he says it's mostly a hobby activity, he was not aware if it is extensible in doing art. whereas the right cover art loads. dealing with beauty, skill etc..
well then,
pity if true "some do not like the art. especially do not understand. "
conclusions .. art makes us have more a heart , because it sharpens the sense of the various aspects that affect.
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Great opinion.. Nice blog soon

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thanks you sir ^^

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