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Drawing with pencil trick How to draw eyes on the painting pencil

Posted by Yoan logic
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Posted by Yoan logic on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today I will share tricks to draw the eye to look like a little glass
Here's a simple drawing to facilitate understanding of dating which shows the outline drawing eyes, The important thing to remember is part of the eye. While looking straight course while drawing
The following simple steps ..
1. kelopak mata (yang seperti pisang itu )

2. then the pupil or the round black

3. then there are black dots on the pupil ... I call it a core subject

4. And the part that is no less important is the white bubble created in the pupil to make an impression mirrored,
5. stay gives the color black here and there

6. jet black made ​​the edges of the pupil is getting to the core of the eyes become lighter shading to her but still black, the white just as the bubble effect of the glass

The following is another example,

just notice, I use a pencil type 8b, whereas the type that I often use is 2b, 5b, 8b .. actually wear 2b is enough because with a little practice or in other words "certain techniques" in pencil 2b can produce up to level 8b blackish okay the first drawing of a banana
Sphere as a pupil
The core subject
And finishing smooth here and there, estimated, made ​​so similar, and in comparison, be shiny eyes like the original .. because the eye is always covered with tears, tears are liquid that is sensitive to mood haha, okay keep practicing , work, to produce a masterpiece ..

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